This Impact of Malnutrition During Pregnancy

The body needs balanced nutrition with adequate intake of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and be able to prevent various diseases. Similarly, during pregnancy, pregnant women need to consume enough nutrition to prevent various diseases, both in infants or herself. Especially during pregnancy, the nutritional conditions of pregnant women need more attention, because it plays an important role for fetal development, as well as for the health of pregnant women themselves. Failure to pay attention to nutritional needs, can cause malnutrition during pregnancy and increase the risk of pregnancy. Various Impacts of Malnutrition in Pregnant Women that Need to be Cautioned Women who experience poor nutrition or vitamin deficiencies during pregnancy can cause various health problems. The following are the various effects of malnutrition on pregnant women: Neural tube defects in the fetus Folate or vitamin B9 is a type of vitamin that women need during pregnancy. Without adequat
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